I'm a Freelance Website Design, Development, and Consulting Professional.


Based in the USA (Minnesota), I have roughly 20 years of experience exclusively in freelance design, development, and consulting. I tackle each project by combining a fresh perspective with the valuable insights from my past successes. Understanding and aligning with the client's end goal is #1. I employ a scalable approach, ensuring that my projects can adapt and grow in response to future successes and challenges. Client project personalization, goal orientation, and project scalability have been my focus throughout my career.

My current focus is Jamstack and E-commerce website development, with an emphasis on integrating Sanity as a CMS and data management solution.

3200.Pro Offerings:
  • Generalist Digital Design. I offer versatile and comprehensive digital art and design services alongside my Generalist Development services. I have an extensive background in visual art and use current agency tier products in both 2D and 3D design.
  • Generalist Development. I'm a generalist developer with a focus on websites and online applications. I provide adaptable and expert solutions across various programming disciplines to meet the dynamic and complex requirements of your projects.
  • Online Business Consulting. I collaborate closely with clients so they can get their desired outcomes. I also apply very strong search engine optimization (SEO) standards for optimal results.

“3200.Pro went above and beyond my expectations with my new website. I had a pretty ambitious rebuild in mind, and they helped bring that to reality all while being very attentive to my vision for the site and making creative suggestions to improve the overall site user experience. This has had an immediate impact on my site traffic and user engagement with lead registrations and contact requests far exceeding what my old site was producing.”

Owner – Real Estate Company

Have an interesting project in mind? I'm current accepting new projects for 2024.

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Ryan Murray - 3200.Pro Lead

About Me:

I've been surrounded by creativity and technical expertise my entire life. My mother, an art instructor (sculpting, watercolor, and oil at the Minnesota River School of Fine Arts) and draftswoman at Target, and my father, a programming manager at The Control Data Corporation with a second career in phsycology, instilled in me a passion for visual software, art, programming, and people.

Since 1996, I've been proficient in Adobe Applications and various 3D software programs. My professional career started in 2001 as an independent digital illustrator and website developer. I primarily developed Flash based websites and games for online businesses. This has shifted throughout the years to follow the agency standards of each decade.

My academic achievements include a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication, with a specialization in interactive web design. Post-graduation. I became the youngest full-time instructor at my college, where I taught video game development.

I'm a lifelong learner, constantly +1'ing my knowledge with the latest technology and programming techniques, aside from 3200.Pro, I'm passionate about music production, canvas graffiti, distance running, family (Wife and 6-year-old), and attending very elaborate EDM concerts, all fuel my creativity and balance my life.