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Clients Include:
freelance website developer

I am based in the United States and offer services to clients globally. I offer nearly 20 years of proven success, specializing in website optimization, effective search engine placement, and, most importantly, delivering project-oriented results.

  • Custom Content Studios: Working with Sanity.io, I construct perfect content studios tailored to meet your exact project needs.
  • Scalable Projects That Last: Design, development, and engineering with the project's lifespan and success as central considerations. Every phase of the process is aligned with long-term success and sustainability.

My work revolves around a wide range of digital verticals. In 2023 I handled projects ranging from web development to dynamic motion graphics utilized in decentralized crypto wallets. My passion lies in crafting innovative solutions that meet diverse client needs, leveraging my extensive digital experience to deliver exceptional results.

Accepting 2024 Design, Development, Optimzation, and Consulting Projects

I am accepting projects ranging from full-stack website design and development to planning and implementing creative digital strategies using modern online solutions and design applications. I focus on ensuring each project does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Recent Projects

Sports Ecommerce and Article Website

WordPress to Sanity.io + Shopify's Hydrogen migration / wireframe to website development / full content migration

Independent Lawyer Website

WordPress to Astro + Sanity migration / website design development / content optimization

Spinal Surgery Website

WordPress migration to Sanity.io + Gatsby / integration of over 30k documents / inventory control sheet development / integration of 700+ electronic instructions for use in 30 different languages / pixel-perfect Figma to frontend development.

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