Spinal Surgery Website

WordPress migration to Sanity.io + Gatsby / integration of over 30k documents / inventory control sheet development / integration of 700+ electronic instructions for use in 30 different languages / pixel-perfect Figma to frontend development.

Medical Industry Product Website

The Challenge: As a growing spinal surgical solution provider, this company required a website that reflects its innovative approach and comprehensive product range. They needed an intuitive, engaging website redesign that uses advanced technology and interactive elements to connect with surgeons, patients, and potential employees.

Our Website Design, Development, and Consulting Solution: Partnering with this medical company's marketing agency, we transitioned SeaSpine to a state-of-the-art and fully custom Content Management System, streamlining website maintenance and updates.

Our Services:

  • Medical Industry Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy for strong and efficient Healthcare Websites
  • Pixel-Perfect migration of design comps to the final website
  • Sanity CMS Consulting and full Development for the final website
  • Modern Frontend Development (Gatsby) for the Medical Industry Websites

Detailed Wireframes: Our meticulous planning with the marketing agency ensured that every efficient and effective website design need was considered. This created a seamless and informative process of finalizing the site while allowing visitors an interesting experience in spinal solutions.

Creative Concepting & Design: The site has been elevated significantly from its initial WordPress build.

Sanity CMS for Medical Websites: Our use of sanity.io facilitates structured, easy-to-manage content that adapts to their ever-evolving medical services and products. The migration from WordPress was seamless while integrating a strong use of structured content throughout the website.

Gatsby JS for Responsive Medical Websites: We provided a rapid, flexible, and user-friendly interface that supports the unique needs of this company. Gatsby JS ensures that the site will always present as intended.

Ongoing Support and Website Maintenance: With a deep understanding of this medical industry client, we provide targeted solutions that drive long-term success and optimization.

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