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WordPress to Sanity.io + Shopify's Hydrogen migration / wireframe to website development / full content migration

The Challenge:
I've worked with PG since about 2016. The owner (Jon) sought to revolutionize their online presence. The key objectives were integrating an e-commerce platform, enabling efficient drop shipping capabilities, and incorporating their ebooks and podcasts into a comprehensive site. This required a seamless transition to a more robust and flexible digital platform that could support a diverse range of products and services, and media types while also offering an exclusive members-only section for premium content.

Website Design, Development, and Consulting Solution:
The approach involved a full transformation of the digital infrastructure. We migrated their website from WordPress to Shopify's Hydrogen platform with Sanity.io as the content studio and transitioned their hosting from WP Engine to Shopify's Headless hosting platform Oxygen. This shift was integral in creating a scalable, secure, and high-performing e-commerce environment.

Project Services Included:

  1. E-Commerce Integration: Implementing a comprehensive e-commerce solution using Shopify's Hydrogen platform, tailored for easy management of products, drop shipping and affiliate marketing.
  2. Drop Shipping Functionality: Establishing a seamless drop shipping system to efficiently manage inventory and shipping logistics, enhancing the supply chain process.
  3. Content Migration: Meticulously migrating all golf articles, products, and podcasts while ensuring their SEO value is retained and enhanced in the new platform.
  4. Members-Only Section: Creating an exclusive area for members, offering unique videos, eBooks, and training materials, thereby adding substantial value to the user experience.
  5. SEO and Site Optimization: Performing a thorough SEO audit using Semrush.com to optimize the site for search engines, improving visibility and user engagement.
  6. Design Implementation: Precisely translating agency standard Figma designs to the Remix.run (Hydrogen) front end, ensuring a visually stunning and consistent user experience.

Impact and Outcomes:

This project resulted in a significantly enhanced e-commerce platform, streamlined drop shipping operations, and a successful method of integrating articles with products. The website's performance and user engagement saw considerable improvements. The members-only section has been instrumental in providing exclusive content, thereby increasing membership subscriptions and user loyalty.

Ongoing Support and Optimization:

3200.Pro remains dedicated to providing ongoing support and optimization services to PG.com, ensuring its website continues to lead in the digital space of the golf article and product industry.

** Thanks to my engineer for the additional considerations needed:)

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