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WordPress to Astro + Sanity migration / website design development / content optimization

The Challenge:

Since 2015, our focus has been on achieving top-ranking organic search terms through robust development paired with a strong website. The requirement was for sites that are not only easy to follow and visually appealing but also optimized for local SEO to generate relevant leads within a 50-mile radius of their location. Additionally, there was a need for a content management system that facilitated easy updates without compromising the site's integrity. Sanity.io's content studio emerged as the perfect blend of strength and ease for editorial use.

Website Design, Development, and Consulting Solutions:

To meet these needs, I developed a comprehensive digital strategy, utilizing the island architecture of Astro.build for the frontend. This approach enhances vertical-oriented performance and brings significant SEO improvements.

Our Services Included:

  • Astro.build Frontend Development: Using Astro.build for its efficient loading times, SEO advantages, and its ability to integrate with various frameworks, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Locally Oriented SEO: Implementing a targeted SEO strategy to maximize visibility and attract relevant personal injury leads within the firm's designated service area.
  • Exclusive Local Services: Providing custom services to ensure the law firm dominates local search results and client acquisition within a 50-mile radius.
  • Ongoing Support and Consulting: Offering continuous support and advice on adapting to evolving web trends and leveraging cutting-edge online opportunities.
  • Custom Sanity.io Content Studio: Developing a tailored content management system using Sanity.io, enabling the law firm to update content quickly and securely without risking site errors or SEO de-optimization.
  • Structured Data Implementation: Utilizing sitewide structured data to improve search engine understanding and representation of the site's content, further enhancing SEO performance.

Impact and Outcomes:

This project has significantly improved the law firm's online visibility and local lead generation. The custom solutions, especially in SEO and content management, have empowered the client to maintain an up-to-date and highly optimized website. Astro.build and Sanity.io have streamlined content updates and ensured the site remains robust and efficient.

Ongoing Collaboration:

3200.Pro ensures that this lawyer remains at the forefront of digital innovation and a top local choice for personal injury legal services.

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